It is Monday again and I am trying to do the weekly juggle of virtual schooling three kids and getting my work done along with keeping the house going. Sound familiar? It is what life has become for a lot of parents. So how do we do it?

The simple answer from my household is we give a ton of grace and a bit of grit. More grace than I ever thought I had and sometimes we have to borrow grit from each other. We offer room to make mistakes and room to correct them. What does that look like for us? Well, it is organic and ever changing. To that we say no one likes change and no one likes change every day in our house. This is where the grace part comes in. Is it okay for my kids to not get all their work done in a day? Yep. Is it okay for me not to be able to help them at the drop of the hat? Yep. Is it okay for them to break down and cry? Yep. Is it okay for me to break down and cry? Yep. The key for our family has been knowing we can make these mistakes or break down and cry and knowing we need to have the grit to get back up and get our work done.

For my household this has allowed us to move smoothly past the rough waters of the first few weeks of all being home together into a new normal. It was not easy at first to do. It took a lot for us to get here but now everyone knows how to be successful. Knows it is okay to just have a bad day. We all know as long as we get back to trying it will be okay. We will see this time through to the other side with a ton of grace and a bit of grit.

By:  Kim Nolder