So, it is February again and that means groundhogs, Presidents, and valentines. We all know about the cards, candy, and extra kisses for Valentine’s day. But here are some things you can do this February 14thto show some extra love to those sweet little ones of yours that you may not have thought of.

Give them the gift of time. As families we are always running around and on the go. Time is never something we have extra of to give so this one can be a big one. This year the 14thfalls on a Friday so maybe a family movie night is in store with a little later bedtime. Just the little bit of time it takes to read just one more book before bed can give that extra love to a child.

Give them the gift of words. Parents talk a lot and there is no way around that one. So, the gift of words might not be something you think of as extra love. Try using words in written form like a simple note on a sticky put in their lunch saying I am proud of you or have a great day. Take an interest in their words by asking them meaningful questions such as what the hardest part of your day was or what was your proudest moment today. Then listen to what their words tell you.

Give them the gift of seeing. Have you ever thought about how do you see your love for someone? It can be a hard one. This Valentine’s Day put a heart on the bedroom door of everyone in the house. For the week leading up to the 14thadd one phrase or sentence about what you love about that person. Others can join in too an make it a family thing to do. At the end of the week you will be able to see on your heart all the things your family loves about each other.

Give them the gift of fun. You know I would not leave this blog post without some fun. Games are always a winner for children. A simple game of hiding colored paper hearts throughout the house to find on Valentine’s Day can be a great game and give you time to cook dinner or get ready to go out!

However, you decide to show your love this Valentine’s Day I hope you have a wonderful day and know that we here at Apex OT love all of our clients.