This month I pulled together some favorite gift ideas for the children in your life. These gifts are not just fun but they also might just sneak in some Occupational Therapy. I have included a link to Amazon to make it easier for you but you can find these items other places too.

Work on that pincher grasp with these games.

Super Sorting Pie Game






The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game







You can add in sensory play with Aaron’s Thinking Putty. It comes in great scents and colors.


Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty Tin







A scooter that will let you sit or stand. How awesome is that!


SKIDEE Scooter Kids Folding Seat

This scooter will allow your child to sit until they are comfortable withe standing. Let them build their up to standing and balancing.






Everyone loves a fort. Try one of these for your fort loving kids.


Emily Rose Doll House

Let the kids color their own house with this cardboard house. This is great for kids not ready to build but that like the idea of having their own space.





Crazy Forts

These simple to use tubes and balls connect together for hours of fun. Add a sheet over the top for a little hideaway.





Sometimes a dark room and some soft lights can equal a fun time.


Yostyle Children Flashing Colorful Gloves

Hours of fun on those cold weather days.






Ocean Wave Projector

This projector adds soft lighting and music to any room.





We hope this gives you a few ideas that you might not have thought of for this holiday gift giving season.

Written by Kim Nolder