2020-21 Remote Learning Support

We are excited to offer a limited number of spaces at our office to provide remote learning support to children for the 2020-21 school year.

We understand why many parents are uncomfortable sending their children to school due to the risk of exposure to the coronavirus. We would like to provide support to a small group of children (6 or less) who are doing remote learning. We believe this will be a valuable compromise to having in-person classes at school where there are likely to be a large number of children (increasing the risk of exposure) for children who have a family member unavailable to provide support at home or who benefit from:

  • leaving home for their learning
  • need a someone who is not their parent to provide structure
  • need professional support to structure learning routines and address executive functioning skills
  • need social skills and social-emotional learning support

What We Provide


While we want to see children soar academically, we think children really need to have some fun while they learn. In fact, play is the main way that children learn. We think this is especially needed right now, when things are so uncertain.


  • Time for play and socialization in addition to learning.
  • Movement activities to increase focus and attention
  • We will provide structure and supports to establish a routine
  • We will include social-emotional learning activities and instruction
  • Instruction in self-regulation activities and strategies as needed
  • Participation in crafts or other hands-on activities
  • We will work with you and your child’s teacher to meet their learning goals and needs
  • A comfortable environment

Plus the expertise of an occupational therapist who has worked in the schools for almost 20 years and specializes in addressing self-regulation, anxiety, and social-emotional skills.


Children from any school are welcome, but we will operate on the Wake County Public School Traditional Calendar, honoring holidays and teacher workdays.

Hours: 8am-12pm Monday through Friday

Cost: approx $250/week (commitment for the duration of the quarter is required)**

**If your child needs occupational therapy this is a great deal! Therapeutic activities and support are included!

Next Steps

We encourage all interested families to make a free Meet and Greet appointment. We encourage you to do this by Zoom or in person so you can see our space and have a more personal meeting with us than a phone call will provide.

Our COVID-19 Pledge and Expectation

One of our main purpose in offering this is to limit exposure for the children while giving them an in-person option for learning that will include socialization and therapeutic activities (and some fun!).

We take CDC precautions seriously. We are staying home, wearing a mask, disinfecting, and washing hands frequently. We promise transparency and to be upfront about our overall risk due to things such as spouse employment and personal activities so that you can feel safe. 

That being said, we expect the same of people who come to our office and will only accept applications from people who are taking precautions seriously as well by wearing masks in public and limiting community activities.

It is our hope that by coming together as people who are doing the most they can to minimize risk that we will be able to develop a small community where we can feel safe with each other.

Contact Us

Have a question or want more information? Please do not include private health information in our contact form or through email.  See below for our secure messaging link. 

1031 Pemberton Hill Rd, Suite 203
Apex, NC 27502

(919) 446-4868


(919) 551-7485 (fax)

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