Self-regulation Groups

When children are in control they can do anything!

The more a child can focus, the better their outcomes!

Is your child out of control? Is your child in constant motion? Impulsive? Have a hard time getting focused and staying focused? These are signs that a child may have problems with self-regulation. Self-regulation is the ability to monitor and control one’s self to be able to stay focused on an activity and transition between activities. This can be a challenge for some children with ADHD, ODD, anxiety, and sensory issues. 

We use games, pictures and play as therapy, as well as a combination of sensory, cognitive-behavioral, and executive functioning strategies to help children meet the goals of the groups.

We offer 2 therapy groups for children to address self-regulation. Group sessions are 8 weeks and each group lasts 45-60 minutes.

As part of this group you receive ongoing support from a licensed occupational therapist who willl be available to communicate by phone, text, and email to answer questions so you can carryover strategies at home and school. 

Junior Blasters

For children 3-5 years old*

Program Goals:

  • Reduce instances of impulsive behavior
  • Improve ability to handle transitions
  • Increase appropriate peer interactions (turn taking, sharing, problem solving peer interactions)
  • With adult support, be able to appropriately use tools or strategies to be in control of their energy levels and behavior

Energy Blasters

For children 6-11 years old*

Program goals:

  • Learn to recognize their energy level, emotional state, and signals from their body
  • Learn strategies and tools to help with managing energy levels and emotional states
  • Learn which ones work for them and how to use them properly
  • Use these strategies when interacting with peers
  • Learn to play appropriatly and problem solve issues with peers 
*Age ranges are guidelines only. Which therapy group is most appropriate for your child will depend on their individual needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions parents have asked us. We are happy to answer any other questions you may have. Please contact us or stop by one of our Meet and Greet sessions.

How do I know if one of these groups is right for my child?
If your child:

  • Has a lot of energy and never seems to stop moving
  • Has difficulty paying attention
  • Has difficulty following directions
  • Is hypersensitive to various sensory stimuli: movement, sounds, tastes, smells, textures
  • Your child may be diagnosed with ADHD or anxiety.

The Energy Blasters group may NOT be appropriate for your child if:

If your child has many behavior issues that require frequent redirection (is frequently aggressive, oppositional, has significant difficulty getting along with peers and being cooperative/significant issues with social skills), has cognitive delays, or has language delays that make following directions or communicating with peers and staff difficult. There are likely strategies in this group that would be helpful for your child; however, the Junior Blasters group or individual child therapy may be a better fit.  We want to make sure all of the children in the group have an opportunity to learn and that all of the time is not spent trying to redirect one child from unwanted behavior.

The Energy Blasters and Junior Blasters groups may NOT be appropriate if your child is aggressive (physically or verbally) or has significant language or cognitive delays that affect their ability to follow basic directions. We accommodate children with mild language delays in the Junior Blasters group by using pictures to help teach some strategies.

Why do this with a group setting instead of individually?

We offer these groups in part to reduce the cost of therapy for children, and because children often benefit from the feedback they get from other children. While our Energy Blasters group is focused on learning self-control, we also like to incorporate social skills because it is a common issue for children with self-regulation challenges. For our Junior Blasters group social skills are part of the curriculum and children will get more out of the experience by participating with other children.

Do parents participate in the group or it only for children?
Only children participate, but we strongly believe in collaborating with parents to help carryover strategies at home and make sure to allow time to communicate with parents after each session. Some group sessions may extend beyond one hour so that we may communicate with parents. Parents are always welcome to call or email us as well.
What will my child get by being in this group?
You and your child will receive sensory tools and a variety of strategies to address areas of concern. This is a great educational experience to help you understand ways you can help your child have more focus, less impulsivity, and fewer behavioral and social issues, and for your child to learn to learn to monitor themselves for better self-control.
What if my child was absent and unable to attend?

We understand that this can happen, but because of the nature of the group we are unable to provide make up sessions for sessions missed. You will receive any handouts and tools that were missed. If there are extenuating circumstances due to unforeseen events, we encourage you to discuss this with us.

How many children will be in the group?
3-4 children.  The first session will be a relaxed atmosphere with limited expectations to allow the therapist(s) to observe behaviors and social interactions.  We may have more than one adult present in the group if we feel more support is required to meet the needs of the children.
How much does it cost and when is payment due?
We require payment by the first session, but offer payment plans. Please contact us about a payment plan prior to registering for the group.
Does my child need to be diagnosed with ADHD or anxiety to participate?
No formal diagnosis is required.

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