Parent Consultation and Coaching

There isn’t exactly a handbook for parenting a child with special needs, and sometimes your child isn’t the only one who needs support.

We understand the challenges parents face. Apex Occupational Therapy is here for you!

Meet with an occupational therapist who specializes in working with children for one hour to discuss your concerns about your child without your child being present. With enough notice we may be able to provide childcare during your meeting or consult with you over the phone. This service is offered for parents of adult children with special needs as well.

When might this be helpful for me?

  • Your child has a new diagnosis.
    If you have a child who was recently diagnosed with autism, ADHD or anxiety we can give you strategies to address specific behaviors that may be associated with these diagnoses, or provide some general education and training so you know how to best help your child.
  • Your adult child with Asperger’s is struggling with the transition to adulthood.
    You are concerned about their ability to live independently, get a job or go to college, but aren’t sure what steps to take next we can provide guidance. (Although we are primarily focused on pediatrics at this time, we may be able to work with your adult child as well; however, we prefer to consult with you first.)
  • You have been told that your child needs a “visual schedule” (or other strategy).
    If you aren’t sure what that means, how to implement it at home, or need resources we have them.
  • Your child has an IEP (Individualized Education Program) or is being evaluated for one.
    We can help so you know what questions to ask and how to advocate for your child’s needs.
  • Your child is not in public school and doesn’t have the support of specially trained teachers.
    You may need recommendations, accommodations, or guidance for promoting motor skills and self-control in a non-public educational setting such as homeschool or private school.

We also offer free parent education sessions throughout the year. See the current schedule on the Appointments Page

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